The Place Charlestown

Celebrating 5 Years of Young Parents Group


“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world” William Ross Wallace

In its 5th year of existence, Young Parents Group, currently supported by nib foundation, is a thriving, successful group that has made a difference in the lives of over 140 families and over 250 children. It was in  2011 that a young mother walked into The Place and expressed her wish for a sense of belonging in a group tailored for young parents. So began the journey for the development of Young Parents Group at The Place.

Over the years, the group has undergone an evolution from a fully funded two year facilitated program, to an unfunded unfacilitated group, and then into a collaborative facilitated group that has gone from strength to strength. Young Parents Group, through it’s collaborative model, is fortunate to have the involvement and support of volunteer parent leaders, and staff from The Family Action Centre, Ability Links and Lake Macquarie City Council as well as a monthly Family Health Nurse from Pouches Parenting, Newcastle.

The group continues to provide a trusting and accepting peer environment that nurtures healthy parents and healthy parenting, investing in the  future leaders of our region. To find out more about YPG watch this video