The Place Charlestown

Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


The Place: Charlestown Community Centre strives to be a financially sustainable
social enterprise that enables participant led community activity to build
community connection, cohesion, respect and resilience.


To be the place that is safe and welcoming; engaging and supporting a
diverse community to connect, share, learn and strengthen.


Inclusive and Respectful

We welcome all members of the community equally; we respect
difference and diversity


We encourage genuine engagement; we actively nurture and support
ideas; we promote innovative partnerships


We embrace honesty and reliability; we maintain confidentiality; we are
transparent in business and governance

Financially and Socially Responsible

We maintain a balance between sustainable business practices and
social outcomes; we care for our community members and assist them
to understand and access services


We listen to our community and direct our efforts in innovative and
unique ways to best serve the current identified needs


The Place: Charlestown Community Centre’s primary goal is to support
active Community Development. This is enabled through the mechanism
of a Financially Sustainable Social Enterprise. The social enterprise is
underpinned by Strong and Effective Governance.

  • Goal 1: Community Development
  • Goal 2: Financially Sustainable Social Enterprise
  • Goal 3: Strong and Effective Governance